It is very difficult to write about oneself. I have had a long and varied career in the Insurance Industry. I have gained a better than working knowledge of electronic data processing, and have managed to incorporate that into my interest in photography. I like to photograph people, children, animals and landscapes. As a Boy Scout leader I also developed an interest in the outdoors, which was not common for a person who grew up in New York City. I also like to watch trains and almost had a working model railroad, back when I almost had space for it. In looking through my photos I find I did not take as many photos of trains as I would have liked and I expect there will be a gallery of trains photos at some point in the future.

I find it very hard to equate what I do to Art. I think of my photography as more of a Craft although there is some Art involved. I hope you will enjoy looking at the photos I display here. If you feel you have a need for the services I have described, in your business or personal life, please contact me.

Thank you for visiting.

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